Rockin' and Rollin' Dentist
Elizabeth, Colorado

Bio: I'm an aging white Dentist with a huge passion for music - especially the Beatles era, progressive rock, Chuck Berry style 3 chord rock and roll.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Despite the fact that you are an “…aging white Dentist …”, please try to look at the good side! You are so lucky to have such a FANTASTIC Dental Hygienist and a FANTASTIC Dental Technician to help carry you! Not everyone is so lucky. THINK POSITIVE! Life is good!

    A. Hermit


  2. Hi, Doc,

    Just found your blog via Craig Swank and thought I’d ask you directly, since he seems to think you know everything he doesn’t about Colorado music!

    I worked for KBPI and then KFML in the summer of ’74 as Country Paul. In ’76 KBPI came out with a local DIY album, back when radio stations were doing those local-bands albums. To my ears, the best song was by a band called Spooner, “The Other Man.” I can find nothing else by them and no info. So, Doctor, can you possibly cure this information drought, please? There seems to have been another band called Spooner from around Wisconsin, but this is in no way them. If you don’t know the song I’d be happy to send you an mp3 and spread the joy: bsandpp@verizon.net.

    Thanks in advance!


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